The Environmental Impact of Choosing Cork Products

During our much anticipated restock only two weeks post-launch, we switched our 150ml candles to use cork lids as opposed to the previous MDF and rubber lids. This is something we are super excited by (and our 400ml candles will switch to cork once we sell out of MDF lids, always best to use what you have!).

We made the switch because we wanted to make our products even more sustainable and good for the planet. Cork is an incredible natural resource that boasts many benefits including being waterproof, biodegradable, fire-resistant, and also every piece of cork is unique which we love. Cork typically originates in countries with cork oak forests such as Portugal and Spain.

Cork is made by harvesting bark from the cork oak trees, so no trees are chopped down at all to produce it - so the trees get to keep on cleaning our air for us (legends). Once these trees reach 25 years old, their bark can be harvested every nine years for over 200 years. As the bank regrows in between harvests, the tree absorbs more Carbon Dioxide than normal to aid the regrowth process. This means that these harvested cork trees can help reduce CO2 levels more than those left unharvested. 

These trees can live for around 300 years so they are super reliable and super sustainable.

Incredible, right?

Lesson over.
Live long and use cork products.



**For anyone who decided to jump to the bottom to find a summary**

Cork is.. 

  • Sustainable
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable
  • Compostable