Candle Care in 3 Simple Steps

 1. How to care for your wicks

Our candles arrive to you already trimmed to size, ready for their first burn. However, next time it is up to you. Before you light your wick, you should aim to keep your wick trimmed to around 5mm in length (when the wax has set) can help to prevent sooting, excess smoking, or large flames. You can do this with a set of wick trimmers or small scissors.

Try to keep your wax pool free of any loose wick and matches as this may impact the rate at which your candle burns acting as a secondary wick.


2. How to burn your candle

We recommend that you burn your candle from anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to ensure you get the most from every burn and keep those delightful aromas circulating around the house. Do try to let the candle melt pool reach the edge of the glass on the first burn. 

If you burn your candle for short periods at a time this can cause a tunnelling affect preventing the wax burning to its full potential.

Keep away from fans, draughts that can also cause sooting (black marks on your glass), or fast uneven burning.


3. How to store your candle

We advise that when your candles are not being used that you pop on the lid to protect our eco-friendly wax candles from dust. This helps to cure your candle whilst it rests and allows you to enjoy its natural aromas for longer.  


Did you know? 

'Wet spots' or 'Pull away' are both terms to describe what looks like small air bubbles inside of your candle glass vessels. Once the hot wax is poured into its container, it will begin to cool down and shrink by the tiniest fraction (no larger than a hair), but due to the magnifying affect of the glass it can look much bigger than it actually is. Not to worry. It does not have any affect on the candles performance and will shortly disappear as you light the candle and the glass begins to heat up.